© Olivier Van Biervliet

Denmark Summer Vibes

Here are some film shots from our holiday in Denmark this year. All photos shot on Kodak Portra 400, both in 35mm with the Leica/Minolta CLE (Zeiss C Sonnar 1.5/50) and 120 film with the Hasselblad 501(Zeiss Planar 2.8/80). All shots unedited.

As Denmark is a big collection of islands, and thus surrounded by sea everywhere, the weather can change quickly. What looks like a spotless blue sky might turn into clouded and stormy in a whip. Enjoy the sun on your face before it's too late...

As we were in the region of the beautiful city of Århus (Aarhus), we took the opportunity to visit Den Gamle By (The Old City). Historic buildings set the atmosphere of long time ago, from medieval times to the golden seventies.

Anywhere you drive in Denmark, the sea is nearby. So many holiday houses have a beautiful sight, and little boats are everywhere.

Some leftover shots from the same films...

That's all, folks!