Olivier Van Biervliet
Olivier Van Biervliet

Olivier Van Biervliet

Welcome! I've gathered some of my work, ideas and goals... enjoy this MVP portfolio.

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. —Albert Einstein


Experienced product designer with love for frictionless ux/ui

Love optimising processes with design systems and ux patterns

Thrives when working in a small team with design thinking mindset


I'm an experienced web & ui designer with coding background.

I love to create highly functional sites and interfaces with a timeless design. Good analytical thinking helps me in setting up a clean architecture to build on.

I'm looking forward to join a forward thinking team to build honest products and services. I also enjoy experimenting with new tools and technologies to optimise workflows and productivity.

Professional Ethos

"Doe wel en zie niet om"

  • Always do good → you gain trust and respect
  • Being open and honest towards colleagues → trust from team
  • Creating transparent, honest products → trust from customers
  • Discrimination has no place: race, gender, age, religion → everyone equal
  • Everyone is part of the success → achievements are for and by the team
  • Failure is allowed → personal growth is based on learning from mistakes
  • Good leadership is based on listening, supporting and taking tough decisions
Career / Experience

1996-1999 Online Internet nv: Web designer & developer

Designing & developing websites using HTML, CSS, JS, Classic ASP, Access, SQL Server

2000-present CoreLand bv: Freelance Full Stack, UX/UI Designer

Originally: Designing and developing interfaces, websites, intranets, industrial control panels, gps/satnav gui interfaces, logo design & branding, hybrid mobile and apps.

Evolved into conceptual interface work, wire-framing, front-end research, UI design, UX design, product design.

Technologies: ASP.NET, C#, Razor, SVG, JS, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, XML, Crystal Reports, Access, SQL Server, Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks. Newer technologies added later: UI, UX, InVision, Flinto, Marvel, Sketch, Abstract, Figma, Svelte, Sapper, etc.

2018 General Assembly London: UX Designer

Three month user experience design immersive, including user interviews, design studio, delivering interactive prototypes for concept and client projects

Technologies: Marvel, InVision, Sketch, html/css, card sorting, paper prototypes

2018-2019 Hackages sprl: Interactive Designer

Product designer (wireframes, prototypes, user tests, ui, ux) working on internal tools and setting up a design system in Figma (components & patterns, global styles, symbols). Integration (slicing html/css, React and styled-components) of existing components and working with engineers and marketeers on future products.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JS, SVG, React, Sketch, Abstract, Figma, Jira, Notion, UI, UX, Marvel, InVision, Design System

2020-2021 Aprimo: UX/UI Designer III

Product design (wireframes, prototypes, user tests, ui, ux) as part of the UX team that works for different SCRUM teams, together with Product Owners, Front-End Engineers, Marketeers, Product Directors. Working on existing functionality as well as researching future features. Setting up a design system in Figma (components & patterns, global styles, symbols). Documenting features and patterns in the company wiki & Figma.

Portfolio / Case studies
Contact & Links

LinkedIn: ovanbiervliet

Instagram: ovanbiervliet

Twitter: @ovan

Dribbble: ovan

Medium: @ovan

Flickr: ovannovitch

Interests / Hobbies