Company: Cake Banking, Belgium

Type: UX/UI Proposal

Timeframe: free

Choice of tools: free

Date: March 2020


About Cake: Cake is a banking app that analyses your income and spending habits based on your accounts and cards. It also rewards the user with cashbacks based on anonymised data.


Design a mobile solution for the following use case:

  • Earn a Reward by inviting family or friends to use Cake
  • I want to be able to invite a friend to start using Cake, and claim a member-gets-member referral Reward when the friend starts using Cake.

My initial notes:

  • Member-get-member deals only work when both parties get a reward.
  • As with many deals, it usually works best when it is time limited. If the feature is always available, people tend to forget about it or postpone their action.
  • We can only claim a successful member-get-member action when the new member links their bank account to the Cake app. Installing the app is not enough, as that could mean they wouldn't use Cake, and also we would not have a way to pay out the reward. Therefore both parties get the reward after the bank account is activated.

First sketches about rewards and app navigation:

Cake Reward Sketches.pdf2568.8KB

Possible solutions:

  1. We announce the member-get-member action via email and social media.
  2. In the app, there are a few ways to make the action visible:
    1. You can add the action to the list of other rewards. I almost used the word hide because that would immediately explain the main drawback. Not everyone will check the list of rewards regularly and might miss it.
    2. A small floating teaser button grabs the attention. Visually it's attractive, doesn't take too much away from the other content. But it might be a hindrance for people less familiar with swipes, gestures, etc. They might not immediately know how to get away with it.
    3. image

    4. A small one-line banner that appears somewhere in the daily transactions. It doesn't obscure anything, grabs the attention, but doesn't add much more than the floating button. In fact, you might just scroll by it without noticing it.
    5. image

    6. A full card sized panel might be the real deal. You can't miss it. There's room for explanation, and also for an X-button to dismiss it if you don't want to participate.
    7. image

      When you tap it, the panel would expand and becomes the entry form to fill in the data we need. When you've sent an invitation you get a confirmation message and then you can send another one or close the panel.


      Here's a simple prototype of this panel, where you can scroll the feed and click on the action panel. There is no further action in this prototype yet, as it would require coding or a lot of screens—which was not the goal of this exercise.

      Instructions: in the day mode, click on the panel to open the form, click outside the expanded panel to close it again.

      Ps: if you click anywhere in the bottom toolbar you will switch between day and night mode 🥳